African cities are developing at a very high speed. Without the commitment of all, Africa will not be able to effectively address any of the challenges contained by this large-scale urban development, along with owning the measures to be conducted, and the use of constantly renewed local characteristics. The demographic and urban challenges facing Africa - and therefore the entire world - consequently requiring more diligence and creativity than ever before.

Since the previous edition of the Afropixel Resistance Garden in May 2014, the School of Commons of Kër Thiossane located at the heart of the capital Dakar, is seeking through art and the so-called open technologies to develop or strengthen solidarity actions, neighborhood and civic actions. It seeks the feasibility of developing "solutions" for urban and social issues, based on meetings and a variety of projects to defend the awareness of a common interest.

Common City, this latest edition of the Afropixel Festival dedicated to art and digital technology, still follows the concept and action carried out during the last two years from Senegal, with a particular focus on the dynamics of a collective action for the common good , from the perspective of architecture, design, open source digital tools and co-creation.

In an atmosphere of collective and innovative creativity, Ker Thiossane offers during the whole festival a series of interactive workshops, residencies, exhibitions, performances, discussions ... around the city and in common spaces . All these various aspects that encourage the population, artists, biennialists, the public and private entities to voice their vision of tomorrow’s city, to question its challenges and to express its possibilities.

Du 3 avril au 4 juin 2016
Afropixel 5 s’inscrit dans le volet Contours de la Biennale Dak’ART.


Privatizing a space by its sky
Cheikh Ndiaye (Sn/Fr/Usa)
Guest Curator : Susana Moliner
18 avril -> 3 juin - Jardin Jet d’Eau
Opening Exhibition on Thursday May 5th • 7 pm

With the invitation of Ker Thiossane, Cheikh Ndiaye came up with a concept in the abandoned areas of SICAP for this edition of Afropixel.

His proposal "Privatizing a space by its sky" takes the shape of an unfinished building, an ephemeral home which bears witness to a time that once was, but that is in the process of being again with our passage. This architectural body, made from plastic tarpaulins, concrete and iron is far from traditional. There is no separation between the interior and the exterior, the sustainable and the temporary, the informal and the structured. A mobile guidebook which opens the potential of a continuous rebuilding process, a reinvention of limits in space.

The artist is making us speculate about our stories of the city, our way of "making" a neighborhood. This space that we have access to, next to the garden, offers a frail and delicate line with the past ; awaiting our gaze to become present, making us muse on what we want to become, and what cities we wish for. How are we going break through the ceiling that obscures our common sky ?

Baobed - Erik Jouet (Fr/Sn)
April 25th -> June 3rd - “Jet d’Eau” Roundabout

The Baobeb, modern alternative, designed like a classic wood cabin in the trees, stands on the facade of the buildings of the “Jet d’Eau” roundabout, during the entire festival. Envisioned and designed in Senegal, the Baobed was originally inspired by the fruit of the baobab, the monkey bread. With a curved organic shape the idea is to detach ourselves from the existing and to create a cell, a unique place, built-in, respectful, of variable geometry for a complete immersion in a quiet space, elsewhere or otherwise ...

A space reminiscent of the architectural projects from the 60’s and 70’s, in a Arqueología del Futuro style, which questions the natural surroundings and future city with propositions of capsular houses. An invitation to unleash the imagination about possible metabolisms for African cities of tomorrow. In reference to the two young baobabs adorning the entrance to the “Jet d’Eau” garden, the Baobed equally pays tribute to these centennial trees, symbols and legacy of Senegal, which are still being destructed at the expense of large urban projects.

Reinvent your neighborhood - Greenhouse (Fr)
May 2nd -> May 14th - “Jet d’Eau” Garden
Speakers : Emmanuel Louisgrand, Marion Darregert

Moderated by Greenhouse, these workshops are available for children and students of SICAP and its surroundings, allowing them to imagine their neighborhood or city through the construction of graphic models, drawings, or collages.At the end of the festival all these models will be assembled in the Jet d’Eau Garden to create an artwork representing the future SICAP.

Sustainable City Simulator - Eiffage
April 25th • 17h30 - Kër Thiossane
Speaker : Missira Keita (Eiffage)

Cities of the twenty-first century are confronted with major challenges : overpopulation, pressure on natural resources, waste management, pollution, traffic congestion ... To face all these issues, a sustainable city is a must. Eiffage is working on this problem and created Astainable for this purpose, a virtual urban design platform applied in the case of Astana, capital city of Kazakhstan, approach can be adapted to other cities. A way of inviting the community of Senegalese graphic designers, gamers and virtual worlds enthusiasts to work on Dakar’s version.

Tales and Legends "The Republic of baobabs"
May 2nd -> May 14th - “Jet d’Eau” Garden
Speakers : Madiaw NDIAYE

Storytelling workshops, inspired from the various legends connected to the baobab, are offered for young audiences around the library, the baobed and the Jet d’Eau garden.


Archives SICAP S.A.
May 5th -> June 3rd - Kiosque Biennale, rond-point Jet d’Eau

At the occasion of Afropixel 5, Ker Thiossane invited the company SICAP S.A. to present some of their photographic archives inside the Biennale kiosk, installed at the Jet d’Eau roundabout.

A way to show Dakar residents and those who did not known, the old SICAP and the urban project intended by President Senghor at the end of the independences which was a great a source of great pride for Senegal with its fountain, cinemas, libraries, parks and playgrounds ...

May 5th -> June 3rd - SICAP Liberté Library
Inauguration Thursday May 5th • 5pm

The library is the books home. It’s the symbolic place of knowledge. A place that is coveted, dreamed of, defiled… a sacred place, still and always. An endless literature has been written about this place. Thousands of pictures.

Atwork can be found at the public library located at Jet d’Eau, where are exposed portfolios of artists, students and creative professionals worldwide who have given their work in order to support knowledge sharing. AtWork’s vision is clear : knowledge must be free and accessible to all. A concrete utopia such as Lettera 27 defines it.

This is where the portfolios should be, in this library with the books. These magical items that trigger the imagination, allowing us to travel with our mind and our heart. ; telling us stories, places, giving us sensations ... that bring back geographies of the soul and bear the traces of our lives.


Following the South Africans from Trinity Session in 2010, a workshop with Mike Latona in 2014 and an ongoing collaboration with Perte de Signal around the development of the open source software MapMap, Ker Thiossane puts video mapping back in honor for Afropixel 2016.

Perte de Signal (Ca)
May 4th -> May 14th - Kër Thiossane

Canadian artists from the Perte de Signal center (Montreal) are returning to Ker Thiossane in a collaborative residency with artists, musicians, dancers, and visual artists of Dakar, to create a perfomance which will be presented at the Jet d’Eau roundabout, during an evening party on May 14th.

Illusionistic Projection
May 9th - 11am -> 5pm - IAM (Africain Management Institute)
Speakers : Perte de Signal

A number of workshops and conferences around the theme of Illusionistic projections (mapping). For a day, the public is invited to discover this art form, its history and use, notably through learning about the open source softwares developed by the contributors : MapMap and alcFreeliner.

May 14th - 9:30pm -> midnight - “Jet d’Eau” Roundabout
Avec Perte de Signal et des créateurs dakarois. performance déambulatoire (= Lieux communs 100%) avec la Cie 1er Temps, live avec I Science...

A night around the concept of dream, motion and futurity. The event showcases around Jet d’Eau unreleased works of video mapping created following a collaborative two-week residency at Ker Thiossane. The project relies on an artistic and cultural exchange between the Montreal digital artists, members of the Perte de Signal Center (Sofian Audry, Damecour Maxime Alexandre Quessy and Danny Perreault) and Dakar artists. Also scheduled : Itinerant show ( = Common Places 100%) withCie 1er Temps, and live with iScience...


Since December 2014, Dakar has been labeled as a “Digital Creative City” by UNESCO. In connection with the 12th edition of the Contemporary Art Biennale of Dakar, the EUNIC group in collaboration with Ker Thiossane, offers to educate Senegalese visual performers and the audience on the aesthetics of digital arts through a video mapping projection. Three internationally known European artists are invited to share their art with young Senegalese artists in the framework of a workshop and residencies followed by digital performances on Dakar’s walls.

VidEo mapping
April 4th -> April 8th - IAM (Institut Africain de Management, Mermoz)
Intervenants : Aurélien Lafargue et Mourad Benacer

This workshop facilitated by artist Aurélien Lafargue and Mourad Benacer, allows senegalese artists and professionals working in the digital or architectural fields, to learn how to carry out a video mapping project, to know and master the practices and the used formats, from the selection and programming of control systems, to scripting and sound engineering.

Video mapping April 25 -> May 10 - IAM

Following the video mapping workshop, and three creative residencies - from the professionalism of the guests artists to the creativity of the Senegalese workshop participants - leading to three performances on Dakar’s buildings, which they bring back to life from a completely different angle. A way of giving Dakar residents a different view their city through this illusionistic projection technology.

Aurélien Lafargue (Fr) with Seydou Keita, Tiziana Manfredi, Esi Atiase
may 3rd • 08pm -> midnight - Dakar’s City Hall

Fausto Morales Gil (Spain) with Jean-Michel Aymerique Zié, Djibi Ba, Mélanie Baillon
may 7th • 08pm -> midnight - Médina Rounabout

Guest artists : Mao Sidibé, Brahim
Philippe Geist (Germ) with Lamine Diack, Abdou Ndiaye, Alioune Thiam _ _ may 10th • 08pm -> midnight - Station
Guest artists : Matador, Fokkand Kukk, Ngaaka Blindé, Carlou D, Omar Pène, Afrique 3D


School of Commons Digital Signage System // Typographies and open source visuals
April 4th -> Avril 16th - Kër Thiossane / Fablab Defko Ak Ñëp
Contributors : Fabien Cornut (graphic artist) Laurent Malys (multimedia artist)

As a continuation of the open typography workshop carried out in 2012 during Afropixel 3, this interactive workshop calls on young artists, artisans, architects, and graphic designers, to create and develop from open source tools, visuals and free software, the complete digital signage of the School of Commons : fablab, Jet d’Eau Garden, library, Ker Thiossane ...

This workshop consists in different stages, from research to the creation of the typography or visual, the conception of a digital model and the realization using machines from the fablab (CNC, 3D printer, cutting plotter ...) until installation site.

Development of wind turbine prototypes
April 18th -> April 23rd - Kër Thiossane / Fablab Defko Ak Ñëp
Contributors : Low-tech Lab

A workshop themed on renewable energies is being implemented in the context of the Nomade des Mers expedition organized by Low Tech Lab, an online collaborative research platform which focuses on low-tech (small technologies). In 2016, they embarked on the adventure of co-creating a catamaran laboratory, in order to test low technologies and synergies in order to achieve a self-sustaining ecosystem.

The catamaran Nomade des Mers, will reach Dakar’s coast in mid-April, on the occasion of Afropixel. The Defko Ak NEP fablab invite the makers from Senegal to come together for a workshop with engineers from Low-tech Lab, for a joint reflection on a wind turbine prototype in DIY scrap materials or any other low-tech system which can then be tested on the boat and in the garden.

Prototyping a renewable energy street lighting system with Grigri Pixel
April 25th -> May 3rd - Kër Thiossane / Fablab Defko Ak Ñëp
Contributors : Yago Torroja (ingénieur, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid), David Pérez (collectif architectes Enorme Estudio), Pierre-Alain Lévêque et Corentin de Châtelperron (Low-tech Lab), Schneider Electric

Kër Thiossane has contributed to the Grigri Pixel project at Médialab Prado (Spain), and to its “Common Objects”program. A first worksop in Madrid in March 2016, has brought together actors from various African fablabs including Defko Ak NEP and Spanish tinkerers to work together in producing a grigri able to independently generate energy, to illuminate the areas surrounding the jet Eau garden and the Esta es una Plazagarden in Madrid. An opportunity to cross digital manufacturing practices and to reflect on how to make our cities areas more livable.
The workshop Grigri Pixel continues in Dakar during Afropixel 5, with engineers, tinkerers, Malian and Senegalese Togolese designers, who will try to improve the prototypes started in Madrid, and to offer new ones made from materials and local recyclable waste.

Construction of a solar dehydrator with Make Sense
April 26th -> April 28th - Social Rehabilitation Center
Contributor : Antoine Delaunay Belleville

In Senegal, less than 43% of locally produced fruits and vegetables are consumed. To avoid wasting resources, labor, and to improve food sovereignty, we offer to conduct a "fruit leather" workshop in partnership with the Fwee company that has already demonstrated the social, economic and environmental impact of such a solution .This workshop focuses on economic solidarity will take place for three half-days, during which about fifteen participants will contribute to building a solar dehydrator. Simple and accessible to everyone, these sessions of assembly and painting are held in parallel with a couple of finer interventions. The dehydrator will then be used on the final day to produce dried mango and fruit leather.


Actions for the Common good # 1
May 6th • 4 pm -> 6pm - Kër Thiossane
Speakers : Mamadou Diouf, Greenhouse, Felwine Sarr, Cheikh Ndiaye, David Perez Enorme Estudio, Emmanuelle Chérel - Moderator : Susana Moliner

A time to get together around an Ataya (local beverage) in Ker Thiossane’s courtyard to discuss art practices and civic ways. How to start and reinforce popular alternative production in urban areas ? In which ways can we mobilize various social actors to research, invent, experiment with new forms of intervention and create innovative social practices while relying on collective memory, and the collective management of land resources ? What are the roles and responsibilities of arts and culture ? How are these new initiatives transforming our areas ?

It is about discussing the strategies and tools to be developed in order to create social connections and to foster a beginning of civic self-organization, starting from the School of Commons but also in other projects in Dakar or internationally.

Interactive exchanges make the weather common Ndajetiba # 1
April 29th • 06:30pm - “Jet d’Eau” Garden
Public Discussion followed by a local products tasting - Acoustic performance : Doolay

Public Discussion followed by a local products tasting - Acoustic performance : Doolay Coastal cities like Dakar are under the constant threat of climate change complications which can range from extreme events such as heat waves, coastal erosion, to rising ocean levels and repeated floods. The climate challenge in question, which is simultaneously environmental and social, reveals just how much the development of our cities and the preservation of our climate are inextricably linked and have to be collectively thought about.

The durability and sustainability of our cities are only possible by preserving our climate. Thinking and acting together might help address the climate challenge. Starting with concrete solutions and with this first Ndajetiba, it is time for a joint reflection on how to face the common climate challenge by focusing on empowerment and the considerable impact of a collective and civic action. Alternatiba objective is to re-engage around the climate emergency and to encourage a civic and collective appropriation of the thousands of existing tangible solutions which can help establish a well-balanced and sustainable community.

Common Objects
May 6th • 10:30am -> 12:30pm - Kër Thiossane
Speakers : Susana Moliner, Laura Fernandez (Medialab Prado), Yago Torroja (ingénieur, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid), Pierre-Alain Lévêque, Corentin de Châtelperron (Low-tech Lab), Thiamass, Bassirou Wade

To mark the end of the construction of a sustainable street lighting system and wind turbines prototypes workshops, this public restitution allows to reflect on co-creating objects under free licenses, as well as the appropriation of technologies by many as possible (artisans, young public ...) to resolve our cities issues and improve our everyday lives. Today creative artists, contributors and consumers are tending to feel as one.

Digital networks, 3D printers, makers and fablabs are giving us the increasing possibility of manufacturing and distributing custom objects under a free license. However, the access to machines and digital resources is still not easy in Senegal. This debate provides the opportunity to question the possible connection amongst artisanal culture and digital processes, the access to technology and knowledge sharing.

Actions for the Common good # 2
May 26th • 4pm -> 6 / 8pm -> midnight - Kër Thiossane
Speakers : Jean-Charles Tall, Momar Samb, Mabousso Thiam et des acteurs du Front Culturel - Moderator : Emmanuelle Chérel
Evening party (live) + Slam with the Guissé Brothers , Jamm

On this anniversary date known as Martyrs Day, it is about looking back at the history of the Cultural Front in Senegal. Clandestinely in the early 1970s, political and cultural forces - strongly opposed to the Senghor’s political direction - organized themselves within an alternative movement while developing a school for the masses, training them in conscience awakening, under written, engraved, carved, sung (Leebi Goolo), drawn and mimicked forms.

With a strong presence in the academic community, student associations, this popular culture (songs, music, poems, jokes, theater) fostered the expression of those deprived of access to official media, and awakened the consciences for building a new society. Looking back on this story we are now able to think about the strategies and tools to be developed in the present context, leaning on success stories and failures from the past or by conveying contemporary experiences in Senegal or elsewhere.

Afropixel TV sur YouTube
Chief Editor : Susana Moliner ; Journalists : El Hadj Kande, Ibra Seck Cassis, Alexandre Gubert Lette, Cameramen : Lamine Dieme, Daouda Fall, Adama Badji

The last edition of the festival was covered by Jang Out web radio. For this year’s edition, a webTV is set up to share Afropixel highlights with a larger audience.


Afropixel 5 s’inscrit dans le volet Contours de la Biennale Dak’ART.